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Thread: Anyone not satisfied with Tommybuilt Tactical's G36 clones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbinmt View Post
    I think he might be referring to a SL8 with a welded G36 stub. That would always be a rifle,except in rare and unusual circumstances ;-)

    A complete re-weld like some of Toms earlier receivers or the one done for Michael's Machines, can be pistols from the get go as therefore not required to have 922r parts. @sickness I am not sure that SBRs from pistols don't need to be 922r compliant. Can you share a link or a something that corroborates this?
    Rifles and SBRs (regardless of pistol/rifle/other origin) must be 922r compliant. When you F1 an SBR, you have to include a signed form indicating that you will comply.

    Pistols do not fall under 922r. Machine gun status trumps 922r, SBR does not.

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    I believe it was @Shyster who pointed out the nature of the word “identical” in 922r. Pretty astute observation.

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    Tommy's AR Fire Control G36 Lower and a Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) AR-15 Enhanced Lower Parts Kit solved my last remaining gripes with the G36/T36.

    I never realized how awkward the normal G36 grip angle is. These new parts changed the grip angle so I can have a comfortable shorter length of pull and bring the rifle in closer to my body, similar to what I'm used to with paintball. It just feels perfect now. Not to mention the trigger pull is short and silky smooth with the BCM parts. I had a trigger job done to my original lower, but this setup is much better. It even looks better. The parts did require fitting so I sent everything to Tommy to put together.

    This thing is amazing. Thank you @tbostic .

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