VP9 with Trijicon SRO
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Thread: VP9 with Trijicon SRO

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    Default VP9 with Trijicon SRO

    It has been done before but I still thought you all might be interested in viewing. Slide was sent to Primary Machine to be milled. Turnaround was 6 weeks. Along with the slide & SRO I sent Heinie Straight 8 sights to be installed as well and opted for a complete black nitride refinish. If you're happy with cerakote you could knock 2 weeks off your turnaround time but I'm not a fan. Workmanship is second to none and I currently have 800-900 rounds through the gun since its return, including a steel challenge match where I knocked 37.29 seconds from my overall time from the patch prior. I had taken another pistol course and made slight changes to my gear so I can't attribute all the improvement to just the optic but needless to say I'm very pleased with the work as well as the optic. Also, pay no attention to the Maxim 9. It was just along for this outing.

    VP9 with Trijicon SRO-vp9.jpg

    VP9 with Trijicon SRO-sro.jpg
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    nice! i just had them do a slide (with cerakote) for me on mine, for an RMR. great work, fast turnaround even w/the cerakote job.
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    man, that looks sharp!!...i just ordered a VP9L slide + SRO for a little milling project....now, with the news of HK releasing an optics-ready VP9 this year, guess i'll have to save up even more money now for another VP9OR + RMR....i'll be broke for all of 2020

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    The OR models are convenient/necessary if you change optics often but a custom milling will have a better fit and will sit lower on the slide thus also giving more options on sights.

    Right now I'm pretty dead-set on RMRs and SROs

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