About 7 months back, I purchased a P30S and took it to the range. It is an amazing handgun- and I have owned upwards of 40 in my 34 years as a gun owner.

I was not suitably impressed by the trigger, which was a little tough and not super-smooth in DA, but was amazing in SA... with a miles-long reset.

I understand what HK was trying for in this gun. It is a service pistol, not a precision or competition shooter. I get that.

I've been spoiled by the butter-smooth DA of the Beretta M92, and I love a nice SA trigger, with a short reset.

I searched the internet, and HK Pro, and found Gray Guns - these guys offer a reprofiled control lever, longer disconnector roll pin, and a lighter drop-safety spring, which smooths out the trigger's DA action a bit.

The reset is now precisely where it should have been. The SA is now perfect, and the DA is descernably improved.

I struggled with installation of the parts, as there is no information given to you with the kit - probably a sop to the lawyers, who are hoping to avoid Gray Guns' liability for complications arising from misinstalled parts. One email to Gray Guns was almost instantly answered, and they gave me enough guidance to change my approach and install the parts correctly.

Now, this firearm is terrific! This mod is a touch spendy at $99, but the improvement is well worth the expense.