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Thread: PTR Customer Service SUCKS!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigmonster View Post
    I believe everything but the bolt carrier, and recoil spring/guide rod are interchangeable.
    Does the locking piece have to be matching to the bolt in some way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeysone View Post
    Does the locking piece have to be matching to the bolt in some way?
    There have been posts stating that some non PTR locking pieces need minor fitting to the bolt on some guns , but there are also instances where they dropped in. The bolt gap should be verified after though , as it might change after replacing the locking piece.

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    Hmmm.. looking at a PTR 9CT 601 and not feeling warm fuzzies about this company.

    It has long been my understanding that under U.S. law, Requiring registering a product at time of purchase with the manufacturer for warranty purposes is illegal.
    All you should have to do is show your proof of purchase when you request warranty service.
    Something isn't right about this nonsense.
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    Why do people keep buying this model???
    Too much information about these on the net.


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    Hi guys,

    Here’s an update on everything. You all read that I had an issue with the extractor and PTR didn’t want to honor warranty. Because of this I had to purchase the extractor. Here is when it starts getting interesting. Finding German extractors are hard to come by and expensive so I was able to find one site that had them in stock (I bought two). Waiting for payment to arrive the to the seller I read that a few more parts might happen the same thing as the extractor like the locking piece, firing pin, etc... so based on this info I bought an extra German locking piece, German firing pin and extra extractor springs. Upon arrival of these parts I realized the German locking piece didn’t fit in the PTR bolt carrier. I thought maybe there was something in the way and eventually found the OD of the Ger. Locking piece was .02mm wider then the ID of the bolt carrier. That told me PTR parts are not up to HK specs. Looking for a bolt carrier I was amazed at the prices for these things, I mean $300 for a used and $500 for new. I was like “Damn!”. I started searching and reading and asking top MP5 sellers and the mayoralty mentioned the same brand “RCM”. I did some more research and saw they were US company that made parts for this platform. I was a bit skeptical since the PTR was also US made and I was having issues but was told by Mike over at D.T. that that brand was the only thing he uses on his rigs. With that boost of confidence I went ahead and contacted RCM and spoke with the owner (Mike). Great guy right off the bat, helped me and when I explained to him what was happening with PTR he said he didn’t mind doing business with me and has done business with other people in PR before. Since I saw the bolt carrier wasn’t in spec and the extractor was broken, I decided to buy all that new with him. Everything arrived in about two days (talk about fast shipping). When everything arrived, I carefully inspected and saw no tooling marks what so ever (not like PTR). The fit and finish on these parts are way superior to the other guys. The bolt carrier from RCM was a two piece (body and tube) welded together compared to PTR which is a 3 piece (body was two pieces glued together with the tube welded to the body). The bolt head was an Action 3 style head. The locking piece, firing pin and firing pin spring were swapped with the German parts I purchased before. Everything fit perfectly, bolt gap with PTR rollers (only thing PTR on the bolt), RCM bolt carrier, head and extractor and German extractor spring, locking piece, firing pin and firing pin spring was right around 45-50mm.

    Went today to the range to see how my “Frankenstein” would function with all the different brands in there. Took 500 rounds of assorted brands such as CCI, AE, PPU and Maxxtech. All 115gr and all bought in the past year. I also took the same mag as I used last time, a date coded (IG). Once at the range, I took the A2 stock off and lubed the hole bolt with EWL and just the bolt Nothing on the inside of the receiver was lubed. Then went on performing a functions check and everything went well. Okay, it worked so far and I was a bit skeptical it was going to continue doing so. Filled the mag with her first 30 rounds and all went fine till round 10 or 12 and I had a pounce feed. Cleared her, checked everything and continued. During the 460 rounds after the first mag, my PTR with its “fruit punch” internals worked perfectly without any hiccups. I mean Perfectly! So happy that I can finally say it works as it should be.

    I would like to that Mike from RCM for helping me in getting excellent parts needed to get it working, to Mike over at Dakota Tactical for telling me he uses RCM on his rigs and to all you guys for your suggestions and opinions. Thanks you!

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    To think that spending another 500-1000 on an HK product which circumvents all the problems and complaints posted would be reason enough for me to pay more. Life is too short to waste time on something that should run perfect from the factory IMO.
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    I have a G3k clone from them. I was an idiot and had one of the shims slip over the side of the barrel while mounting my Dead Air brake, causing an alignment rod to show an issue. I thought it was a non-concentric barrel, so they gave me a shipping label to send it back to them. They politely pointed out MY issue.

    I was happy with the service and turn-around time.

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    Glad it is finally running right for you. In spec parts are things of beauty.

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