So I’m thinking about doing a SBR to my ump clone I’ve been working on. My question is this: I have a silencer in .40s&w so I’m at least somewhat interested in going with a .40 s&w conversion. The only issue is it’s a pita to silence this gun with the proprietary flange as everyone knows. Hkparts sells some 8” conversion barrel with some weird 3 lug mount and a threaded end that I could probably use for a regular suppressor. Does anyone have any experience with this barrel? I’m hesitant to buy some junk barrel I would preferably rather have an hk barrel but it is what it is. My other option I’m thinking is to just get a flanged .45acp barrel from hdps and Just shoot unsuppressed. I have heard good things about the hdps barrels and I don’t mind shooting unsuppressed I just literally have nothing else decent to use this 40 s&w silencer on. Any opinions would be appreciated.