PTR32k PDWR (model 202) sear host Resignation & Resurrection escapade
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Thread: PTR32k PDWR (model 202) sear host Resignation & Resurrection escapade

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    Default PTR32k PDWR (model 202) sear host Resignation & Resurrection escapade

    I am not into AK47s, nor an AR-15/x39 conversion (though I do own several other AR-15 platform caliber conversions,) but I wanted to add 7.62 x 39 to my stable. I wanted to shoot cheaper steel cased ammo, and have a braced pistol that I would not mind handing to another shooter. An added benefit would be to have a host weapon that could be beat on when my friend brought his registered sear. In such cases, I could swap on an A2 stock, and we could have the SBR HK33k and the PTR32K /A2 configuration on the line.

    I perused all the threads I could find on the PTR32, going back many years to when they were first released (Gen 1, "Gen 1 1/2," and Gen 2.) During those searches, I learned of the successful use with HK sears. I understood that some ran fine stock, some required tweaking, and some just would not run at all. In preparation, I collected all the parts mentioned: German full auto tungsten filled G3 carrier, G3 locking lever spring (kit,) extra-power hammer spring, and a 65° locking piece. I found everything except a HK #15 locking piece, which luckily, PTR now produces and is marked "PTR 32," (supplied locking piece is 70°.)

    I then went to the range on three painful occassions, and completed PTR's prescribed break-in cycle because... well, because. I had very few malfunctions with the non bi-metal, steel cased Tula ammo (no primer sealant nor bullet sealant,) and was pleasantly surprised with its accuracy. I cleaned it once more, finding it did not get as dirty as I expected. All looking good, I swapped in all the parts I read I might need to get it to run.* Note that not all the parts were always required, just in some of the more stubborn cases, and usually some smaller combination of parts were all that were needed. I just wanted to be safe and nip everything at once. Note worthy, my PTR came with a full auto carrier. I don't know if that is now normal.

    So back to the range to make sure it ran well with the semi-auto pack, and add a few hundred rounds to the break in. I was all ready for my friend's sear. Total disappointment. I got single shots, loaded (live) round, cratered primers and dropped hammer. We went back to the range on four or five occassions, changing bolt gaps, swapping locking pieces, swapping carriers, swapping springs, and every combination of them all, trying to find something that worked, or at least made an improvement. The best we ever got was the very infrequent two or three round burst, and then back to "one shot stop." I had to be the one. Even the extra-power hammer spring seemed to make things worse - the primer strikes usually "softened!" and extractions barely threw the cases clear a foot or two. They rolled further than they were thrown. I had to admit defeat... but refused to give in; I reached out to ghillebear2000 (PCS/Jeff.)

    After several IMs, emails, and finally phone calls, I decided the only possibility to make this gun run with a sear was to send it to Jeff as he described, in stock configuration, and with all my additional parts. Jeff has a stellar reputation here, and on other sites. His commitment to helping someone with another's problem child is unusual. I know his reputation for his own builds is great, but unlike other smiths, Jeff did not avoid taking on another manufacturer's substandard work. I told him I trusted him, and to do whatever he thought was necessary. I did not need emails, photos, videos, or even estimates. I would ship him the pistol in the morning.

    After a new to me FFL's Slow Boat to China shipping - at two day shipping charges, Jeff texted me that he missed the shipment due to a family medical issue, and that he would accept the package the next day. I texted him back advising it was not a problem, my work order was not a priority, I was not worried, and restated he did not need to notify me of anything. Take care of his family member, and work on pistol whenever.

    The next day, I got a text that he received the package, had done a preliminary diagnostic, determined the shelf was welded out of spec, attached several photos, advised a proposed course of action, and I think we subsequently spoke on the phone! Holy ****! How can you not love this guy?

    Needless to say I reiterated that my toy was not important in the scheme of things, and that while I appreciated his dedication, he had my full support to do whatever he thought he needed to do, and that he didn't have to keep me informed. Put it on a back burner and all would be ok with me. I was already happy that he identified any problem unrelated to me.

    The next morning, I get a text, a video, followed by more texts! He had already replaced the shelf, adjusted the receiver, and added some of his magical dust. The video was Jeff dumping a mag in full auto I have to admit that I enjoyed that video. Less than twenty-four hours and he did exactly what he is known to do. Identify and fix the problem, then inform the owner. I'm sold...

    So anyway, after more texts, I approve a refinish, confirm the re-park on the G3 carrier (which was in the white when sent,) and told him no rush. I was already pleased with his work, and he could shelve it for priority work.

    I guess I won't be surprised if some strange disheveled dude, sporting a new beard, shows up at my door in the morning holding a brown box. I will ask him if he would like to come in for a coffee... before he drives back to Oklahoma, lol.

    Anyway, long post with a few purposes relating to PTR32s, and probably more importantly, adding another "routine" report on Jeff, his work, and supporting his long standing reputation. Thank you buddy. You have again impressed a first time client who did not deserve such attention, and my best wishes to your family member. Good ju-ju is coming your way, sir.
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    Jeff is a standup guy and he is knowledgeable and approachable, I am glad he solved your issue. He is rarity these days, rock on Jeff I have always loved talking to you. When you gonna come back out west for SAR West as its been awhile so we can get out to dinner again?
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    Magic. A deciple of Merlin, especially with the dragons. Thanks for all you have done for the community, fixed innumrable problem guns, pushed the innovation envelope with and extensive list of firsts, and last but not least, been available for countless, countless phone diagnostics, thanks and thanks again.
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    Requisite update: Proof of Life

    Ran great all day. Jeff "The Merlin" came through
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    Now we just need some single pin 32k’s and 52’s to hit the market again
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheColtCollector View Post
    Now we just need some single pin 32k’s and 52’s to hit the market again
    Yea that's what I want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheColtCollector View Post
    Now we just need some single pin 32k’s and 52’s to hit the market again

    Would be awesome, but, not likely…

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    We have built them in the past.. Just waiting Machined parts to come in should have a couple ready in a couple of months...��
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