As requested, and authorized by HKPro, this forum will entertain all posts relating to the firsthand reports of HK weapons.

Please keep a few things in mind!!

1 - ONLY HK style weapons should be reported, OR a side by side of an HK weapon and it's direct competition (similiar caliber, application, functionality, etc.)

2 - Firearms manufactured by Special Weapons are NOT TO BE DISCUSSED!! (offending posts will be deleted immediately)

3 - PLEASE only post actual, meaningful reports. "I put 200 rounds through my pistol today. It was great." does NOT add any functional or informational value to those reading. A range report entry should be as thorough and informational as possible!

4 - PLEASE be clear about your writing; distinguish your opinions from fact; it's far too easy for discussions to take the wrong path based on a misunderstanding/miscommunication.

5 - BE RESPECTFUL of those statements that are OPINION; the author's have their right to their subjective opinion, just as you, the reader does.

6 - ALL other standard forum rules apply!

That's all for now, enjoy!!