VP9 Long Slide review
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Thread: VP9 Long Slide review

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    Default VP9 Long Slide review

    Hey everyone. I was able to get a good practice session in with the new long slide VP9, and wanted to offer my opinion.

    In one word: Awesome.

    In a bunch more words: I put about 500 rounds of mixed ammo through the gun, while dodging rainstorms, in basically an average practice session. I was surprised that I had no, zero, malfunctions right out of the box, as the first 100 rounds or so was some of my light, sub-125 power factor 3-gun ammunition. This ammo barely runs in a G34 with a factory spring, so I assumed it wouldn't run at all in the VP9L, as it is pretty well known that the VP9 doesn't tolerate light ammo very well, especially when new. Well, I was wrong. It shot it just fine, without a hiccup. No issues with any of the other ammo--it shot everything just fine.

    As I expected, the L isn't noticeably more accurate than the standard VP9 up close, but as the distances get further, and the shots get more difficult, the sight radius of the L really shines. With most of my close-in drills (out to about 12 yards), there wasn't any difference between the 9 and the 9L speed and accuracy-wise, but drills where the targets were smaller or further--say where the drill incorporates a small piece of steel at 20 yards--I could tell a difference. The barrel-to-slide lock up is very tight. Very reminiscent of a USP Expert.

    Here's some off-hand shooting at 12 yards with two magazines of 10 rounds each--the top group is 147 grn Atlanta Arms, and the bottom is 115 grn Speer FMJ. The gun is more accurate than I am, for sure.

    The front sight is a nice fiber optic, and the rear is a quality LPA adjustable. I really like the sights, however, I may swap the front out with a slightly thinner Dawson Precision sight, as the factory sight fills out the rear notch a little more than I would like, and I like a little more light visible on either side of the front sight. We'll see--I may just stick with it.

    As far as holsters go, I found out long ago that a VP9 fits remarkably well in a GLOCK21 holster (Safariland, at least). With the L, I had to modify it a little bit, but it fits very well, and until some holsters become available for the L, I will just use the modified Safariland. Heck, it works so well, I may even use the Safariland after some others come out.

    I was also able to modify a light-bearing G21 holster for use with a TLR-1 for matches where I need a gun-mounted light.

    So all in all--it's a winner. Two thumbs up. Will buy again.
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    Nice shooting. How do the sights regulate for you as delivered?

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    I needed about 6 clicks down out of the box. Took me literally 30 seconds to zero it. Clicks are tactile, and easy to regulate.
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    Awesome review! No YouTube? ha

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    Excellent!! I am hoping to get one asap! Thanks for the write up, hope to see you running it at area 6!
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    Nice! Thanks for the review Razz! Thats some really nice shooting too!
    Congrats on the kit, I'm very jealous!
    Curious- can you tell any difference in the recoil springs?
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    Thanks for the review. I'm going to have to get one

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    Must remember the 6 clicks down.

    Zeroing is the fun part.
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    Thanks for the excellent review--- nice placement!!!


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    I'm going to have to get one of these. So sorry I don't check the forum often enough to have gotten in on the group buy, but I'll be more attentive from now on.

    Thanks for sharing the info.


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