AFG for SP89 and MP5K from Custom Smith MFG
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Thread: AFG for SP89 and MP5K from Custom Smith MFG

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    Default AFG for SP89 and MP5K from Custom Smith MFG

    I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with the owner of Custom Smith MFG. He's the original guy that created the tail hook adaptors for pistols such as H&K, B&T, CZ, Kriss Vector, SIG, GSG, UZI, Stribog, and the PPS43-C. He's also creating some unique accessories, too. I found myself there because I wanted to see, touch, and feel his new AFG for the MP5K.

    I own a few handguards. My gun is a SBR with a FA pack so it was no problem having the vertical grip. Still, it was not really comfortable. When I came across his AFG I was very curious. So, I took a drive and met with the owner. Man, I must say that I'm very impressed with how comfortable this is. The fit is very very good. I like how there is almost like a front ramp that guides my index finger right to the front and drops into the front of the AFG.

    My biggest concern was interference with the magazine and reliability for magazine changes. No issue. There is plenty of clearance to unload and load my magazine. My second concern was interference for my suppressor and 3-lug. No issue there, either.

    Seriously, folks. You need one of these. Super comfortable. He also makes a version for the non 3-lug barrels. The traditional extended shroud, but with his AFG grip. My son thought the grip looked funny, but I'm all about comfort and control. It's aces, my friends.

    Or, for more product info or to purchase any of his accessories, his web site is:

    As expected, you can also find this at HKParts.Net. They carry everything HK.

    AFG for SP89 and MP5K from Custom Smith MFG-hk02b.jpg
    AFG for SP89 and MP5K from Custom Smith MFG-hk03.jpg
    AFG for SP89 and MP5K from Custom Smith MFG-hk03a.jpg
    AFG for SP89 and MP5K from Custom Smith MFG-hk04.jpg
    AFG for SP89 and MP5K from Custom Smith MFG-img_20190817_174434907.jpg

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    Thanks for the review!!!


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    Looks great, congrats!

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    Appreciate the review, but no thanks. Looks 'off' to me.

    I grip the magwell anyhow. When shooting righty, my left index finger easily wraps around to find the mag release button. When shooting lefty, my right thumb is right there. Faster mag changes, by a smidge, than a paddle release.

    Have the paddle too.. but its mostly just for looks at this point.
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