I recently purchased a Zenith Z-5RS as a early birthday present to myself. This was my first time shooting post PRK surgery and my first time shooting the Zenith.

New to me Z-5RS first mag-img_20191005_154416.jpg

It was a humid day (as usual in Florida) at an indoor range with a broken AC, and my shooting glasses were fogging up constantly. This first mag was taken at about 20 yards doing quick bursts. I have to say that I was amazed at how stable and controllable the gun was. It had exactly zero felt recoil and even though I wasn't doubled up with my Peltors, it sounded like I was shooting spitballs instead of the 115gr 9mm Remington UMC that I had with me. The only issues I had were the loose mags that I read about lurking here and the last round in every mag was being pushed back into the cartridge and had to be manually cycled back. That being said, I contacted Zenith CS about it and they were willing to warranty repair a firearm that I technically have no warranty for not being the original owner. Adds amazing CS to what I feel is already an amazing gun that feels laser accurate and soft as a newborns rear end.