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Thread: Hk45

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    Default Hk45

    Got my new HK45 recently and took it to the range. All I gotta say is this gun is crazy. Super smooth, super accurate, super comfortable, and super easy to control. I was doing rapid fire at 7 yards in an 8 inch circle paper target, the dang gun just wouldn't let me miss outside of the circle! brought the same target to 25 yards for precision shooting, still wouldn't let me miss, it feels like the gun's perk has a factory aimbot perk lol 10/10 in my book for .45 acp., yes sir.

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    Congratulations on a fantastic acquisition. We’re going to need proof of life though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sabre675 View Post
    Congratulations on a fantastic acquisition. We’re going to need proof of life though...
    I 2nd this motion.

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    Congratulations on the acquisition--- thanks for the report!!!


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    Congrats on the new gun, sounds like the operator must be good at what they do too though!

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