Delayed Range Report HK-91
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Thread: Delayed Range Report HK-91

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    Default Delayed Range Report HK-91

    I had forgotten to post a while back before all the virus crap happened I had a chance to get back east and visit my HK-91 that I've got outside the Republik of Kalifornia. I had a chance to get it out to the range with an old college friend.

    I purchased this gun from a former coworker for a price I could not refuse. He'd picked it up during one of the panics along with several Thermalmold mags, a Bayonet adapter and one of the ARMS claw mounts. He got one of the worst cases of scope eyebrow I've ever seen in person on his first trip to the range with this rifle. He did stop bleeding before he left the range.
    Several years later he was retiring and decided he wanted to sell the gun and I managed to get it and leave it with my folks in GA.

    So on this trip I wanted to get it out to the range while I was back east.

    On a side trip, I caught up with a friend from college I signed up for a Alabama wilderness pass and we hit a nearby range one morning.
    When we got to the range it was pretty well covered up with folks enjoying the nice weather. We setup at a 50 yard bay on the open left hand side since that was about the only spaces left open and we had planned mostly a handgun outing with some pistol caliber carbine in 9mm and .357 and figured to move for the HK-91 if we got a chance.

    We ran several types of .357 through the Rossi 92 my friend had been having some problems feeding mags through and found the problem was probably shorter rounds with lighter bullets as heavier longer rounds worked smoother. Got a dot sight worked in on the Ruger PCC9, We ran several mags through the Kimber 10mm Eclipse, a Springfield EMP 9mm, a Kimber CDP Ultra .45 ACP, Had my friend run several cylinders of both .357 and .38s through the Colt King Cobra (new version not vintage), Infected the guy next to us with the 10mm bug in trade for the .38 SP ammo he let us shoot.

    So we'd been there a while and it was starting to get up in the day pretty hot and still no opening on the longer range sections. I decided to bring out the HK-91 anyway to get a few down range with it.

    Ran off a group of 5 rounds of Aguila 150 FMJ grain ammo. As I was finishing up I noticed my friend was laughing. When I asked him why he pointed off to our right. I turned and noticed EVERYONE was sitting back on the benches looking in our direction. It seems the empties were flung straight out to the right EXACTLY at 3 o'clock right over the 5 or 7 benches to the right in this bay area. One case had I was informed taken out a bumble bee that had been buzzing around one of the benches.

    My friend took a turn and ran off another 5 rounds after we warned the other shooters. A couple hit the rafters and several were tossed the length of the bay 50' or more to our right. As I collected the brass I was asked if I reloaded. I do but I realized the guy asking the question was thinking the ammo was loaded freakishly hot or something and I explained that although I do reload these rounds were standard factory .308 ball. I only got about 8 of the 10 cases back. I think a couple were snagged by some of the other shooters.

    This guns action is smooth I was a little surprised at the distance the HK-91 threw spent cases. The bullets went where I aimed them but the range was short enough that doesn't mean much. Recoil was tolerable I didn’t notice any real difference from any other .308 semi auto.

    I had to leave the rifle again when I started back for CA. I'm sort of feeling the need to get out of this silly state.

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    Thanks for the report!!!

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    Great write up! Thanks for this...
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    Get one of those clip on brass buffers. Your HK will throw the brass in a neat pile at your right 1:30 position.
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    I think I have one of the buffers I picked up from RTG parts some time ago. I'll have to see if I can see which parts bin it wound up in.

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