1800 rds. through an Expert
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    Default 1800 rds. through an Expert

    Picked up my new Expert in .45 on 6 Aug.

    Six shooting sessions, 300 rds. each.

    The piece was stripped and detailed cleaned before the first session, and was throughly cleaned after each session.

    Ammo: Factory 230 grain ball, Remington (old lot) PMC, Fiocchi, Independence.


    In the first 100 rds. I had two failures to feed where the top round in the mag popped right out of the ejection port w/o chambering, using Remington ball. The round was retrieved and was used w/o a repeat of the problem.

    Failures to chamber the round in the first 300 rds, using Independence ball - this turned out be a problem only with this ammo. A tap on the back of the slide chambered the rd, and the rd. then fired w/o further action needed.

    No further malfunctions occured.


    Sometime during the fourth session the O-ring went missing, with no noticable effect on accuracy. The missing ring was noticed in the after session cleaning.

    No other parts breakage or failures occured.


    Best group, 15 yds. controlled rapid fire w/ PMC ball, 10 rds, single "L" shaped hole in the 10 ring, with the upper leg approx. 2" and the short leg approx. 1". This group was fired in the fifth session.


    Excellent product. Capable of match grade accuracy. Neglible wear on any moving part. I'd load 5 mags at a time, and go through all 50 rds without the piece becoming uncomfortable to hold or touch.

    The adjustable nights are easy to pick up in any light.

    Safety is well designed and cofortable, as is the slide stop.

    Inexperienced users need to mind the mag release and slide stop.

    Shooters with small hands found the grip uncomforatable.

    Shot side-by-side with my Kimber TLE RLII, the accuracy was comparable, with the Kimber getting the edge in the trigger department.

    Cleaning was easy.

    I'll make a further report at the 5K rd. mark.

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    Excellent range report. Thank you very much. I am a new owner of a USP Expert 9mm and makes me want to add the .45 Expert to my collection :)

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    On Saturday, I was going through my weekly 300 rounds when the O ring again went south on me.

    I've ordered 50 replacements from allorings.com, and have E'd HK customer service.

    Have any other Expert/Tactical/MK23 owners experienced this? I've checked the area of the slide that the bushing contacts w/ a loupe, and there are no machine marks or burrs.

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    you may not see anymore malfunctions now that the gun is broken in, I know my Elite had a few in the 1st 100rds.......then nothing in 2K+

    never had an O-ring go missing on my Expert, Elite, Mk23 or Tactical(USPF with tac barrel) wonder why this is happening? I do lube the O-ring as my HK dealer told me to....never asked why I just did what he said

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    Great detailed report, interesting about the ammo experiences. I had trouble with some 40 cal Aguila, that I gave a chance since they advertise it as Remington made in Mexico. I have used Independence without any problem, my local indoor buys that for the most part. The Expert is one nice firearm, I shot one in 45 that belonged to a co-worker and after just one mag had to give it back to keep myself from purchasing one.

    Maybe put some white lithium grease all around the o-ring, maybe the slide is just stripping it off during fire, or it could be heating up and getting loose. Don't know enough about them to say with any certainty what the cause could be. Maybe post in the handguns section to solicit more feedback. Don't know how many of the real USP Pro's cruise the range report section.
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    Thanks for the time to post such a great range report!

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