It is with a great deal of pride and excitement that I'd like to announce our partnership with Evolve Allies as our marketing and media directors. Tanner and Brooke McKinley are a solid couple and Tanner leverages his time in the Air Force along with his passion for the firearms industry to make some exceptional media content. I struggled with this decision for quite some time and realized I needed some better "storytellers" to help up capture the development of the chassis (and a few other things we've got in the works.) This is an industry that appreciates the thought and effort focused on improvements and we need to do a better job of that.

We just wrapped up a 5 day photo/video/range shoot so you can expect to be seeing more content soon. There's also quite a few more partnerships that we've just solidified after quite a bit of work and I'm excited to bring those to you shortly. I know some of you are going to be extremely excited about one in particular that we will be announcing early next week.

Check out Tanner (mac.1776) and Brooke (b_wigg) on Instagram for just a sampling of their content. Tanner has worked with and for quite a few other companies in this realm and I know they're going to be a great fit for us as well as the community!

Stay informed, get to the range and keep your press on!