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    Default happy customer

    just wanted to say that I've now ordered from RTG three times and have been very pleased each time with the service and products. you get what you ordered, and the part is exactly as pictured and described.

    I've ordered from that "other" on-line HK vendor too (you know who I'm talking about) and can't say I feel the same way about them, actually I'm still pretty pissed off at them.

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    I typically try and buy from RTG because the "other" guy is much higher and has poor customer service.

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    Piling on to add that ive been a happy rtg parts purchaser for years

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    RTG is the only place I purchase my PTR parts from and I would like to continue that trend. When is RTG going to carry the Sphur R-410 stock?

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    Seconded. I always look forward to their new arrivals emails, I even built my UZI entirely from parts from RTG, and I couldn’t be happier.

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    Is it me? I can't find anything MR556A1 on the RTG site. Is that because it's constructed in US and not in Germany like all my USP pistols are? Asking for a friend ;-)

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    RTG is solid!

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