HK Holster Interchangeability
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Thread: HK Holster Interchangeability

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    Default HK Holster Interchangeability

    I see a lot of questions asking whether pistol X will fit a holster made for pistol Y. Of course ideally you should always use a holster that was made for a specific pistol, but if you have had success with interchangeability then please note it here. Personally I have found that holsters made for the HK45 are an excellent fit for the P30L.

    Similarly if you know of a combination that will not work, or you would not recommend, then post it up also.
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    Cross Breed Super tuck, I can fit any HK in it.
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    The HK45 holster from the HK web store will NOT fit my P30 in it. It looks like the trigger guard shape of the P30 (how it has the little swoop on the bottom) keeps it from activating the retention system.

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    CCC Looper for P30 fits P2000 nicely, but not the USPc 45. Might fit USPc 9mm
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    Pretty much any Safariland holsters made to fit a USP with a UTL on it will fit all caliber guns - 9mm, 40, or 45.

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    A Crossbreed SuperTuck for a P2000 9mm fits a 45C perfectly. A Crossbreed QuickClip for a 45C fits the P2000 perfectly. The only difference I see in the Kydex is the length, meaning more of the barrel is covered.

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    A blackhawk! CQC holster for a USP .40 compact will NOT accommodate a P2000SK...the slide release on the right hand side of the P2000SK interferes with insertion.
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    After many expensive experiences of many different holsters... I have found that any holster made for a Full size USP will allow any USP Compact, any caliber as well as any P2000 or P2000SK.

    If the holster has an open nose, it will also work fine for any USP Full Size Tact.

    Now bear with this in mind this is the weapon only. No lights, on the rails or sighting devices.


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    USPC .40 will fit a P30.

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    Default HK 2000 and HK P30 Milt Sparks VMII?

    Does anyone know if a Milt Sparks VMII for a HK 2000 will fit a HK P30?
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