USP Full Size Holster - 9mm
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Thread: USP Full Size Holster - 9mm

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    Default USP Full Size Holster - 9mm

    The only thing I could find was a Vanguard 3, which just holds onto the light. Anything else somewhat readily available out there?

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    I use a CompTac Minotaur and Mean Gene's leather belt for my USP9. It works fantastic!
    HK USP45
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    T5 custom kydex. Awib and owb great holsters
    If it's HK I want it.

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    Black Rhino Concealment is what I run.
    HK45 v1
    P2000 v3 9mm
    P2000 v2 --> v1 9mm
    USP v1 9mm
    VP9 LE Grey

    P2000sk v3 .40 (traded for the USP9)
    P30L v3 9mm (sold before moving to California)

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