Safariland holster for USP 45 compatability
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Thread: Safariland holster for USP 45 compatability

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    Default Safariland holster for USP 45 compatability

    Anyone know if a Safariland ALS (6378) holster for a USP 40/9 will work with a USP 45? I've already got a Serpa for a USP 40/9 that works with my 45. I'm wanting a Safariland holster to match the rest of my holsters.

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    No, I don't think any of the USP 45 series has an ALS style holster from Safariland. I did buy one of the concealment holsters for the 9/40 to check fitment myself and it would not fit all the way in. The concealment and duty holsters are all pretty much the same, just varies on belt attachment and hood or no hood.

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