Help a rookie with holster choice?
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Thread: Help a rookie with holster choice?

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    Default Help a rookie with holster choice?

    I'm looking to carry a P30LS aiwb, and have found two holsters for my gun. However I'm not sure if both will work well for aiwb.

    Blade-Tech Nano:

    I like that this holster has two belt loops but I'm not sure if it will work for aiwb because it doesn't specify (again, rookie)

    Comp-Tac iwb appendix holster:

    This one specifies that it's for aiwb but I'm not sure if the 2 o'clock position with the non-adjustable cant will work out.

    Any guidance please? Which would you pick for aiwb carry of a P30LS?

    Thank you!

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    Never used either of these I carry a P30sk in a LAG (company name) holster it is the most comfortable IWB rig yet. Look them up on the web. Great customer service also.

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    Vedder light tuck. Affordable, comfortable, good try out period, easy returns.
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    The infidel Max is my go to from CompTac. Basically the same holster but with a better clip that you can adjust for no cant. They don't have your gun listed but they obviously have the mold so maybe you could ask them.

    The Black Point Dual Point is also good stuff and they have your gun listed as compatible.

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