This is the same ***Clown that tried to scam me. I had a WTB ad here on HKPro not long ago for a German HK45 Tactical.They supposedly had a German HK45 Tactical to sell me that was brand new, but after requesting more information and pictures, it quickly became clear that this was a SCAM. First Clue, a picture of a USP Tactical, not even the correct firearm. This individual is not very bright, but unfortunately these type of Toxic individuals will never stop trying to scam, as it is all they know how to do. Same exact name and address they tried to use with me. This same person was reported on this Scam Tagger Thread at least twice that I know of very recently. Unfortunately it is what it is, and is very difficult to stop this type of behavior, and I know the Admin and Mods work very hard to deal with this issue we have here. I myself have become more aware of who and how I deal with people I am going to purchase or make a trade with. I also come and check out this Scam Tagger Thread as a lot of these type of people have been reported on here multiple times. Just one extra step. And of course all of us Good Guys and Gals here on HKPro need to continue to look out for each other.