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Thread: I can't stand SCAM artists

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    Him photoshopping his name on the Nikon box was the kicker for me, I told him to show proof that he had it and that's what he sent... after sending the original photo.

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    is ANYONE having an issue getting to guns america?

    I can't get there with my VPN turned on.

    just thought I would ask

    EDIT - once I turn my VPN OFF, I can get right to it but turn my VPN back on? Can't find it. Kinda of odd that a search engine can't find something UNLESS it can track YOU?
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    Your vpn might use a non-US or blocked IP. A lot of websites are restricted, and it is also different per country. For example thepiratebay.org is blocked in EU, and i think search engines are required to filter it out. Use whatsmyip to see the country of ur vpn.

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    [QUOTE=wallew;3522018]is ANYONE having an issue getting to
    I can’t get to the link either

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    What's a VPN? I get on GA all the time but don't know if i have a VPN.
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    Virtual Private Network

    This is what I use
    You can read about the benefits there

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