SCAM on Red magazine followers
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Thread: SCAM on Red magazine followers

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    Default SCAM on Red magazine followers

    I am almost certain this is a scam. I was looking for red magazine followers and stumbled upon this website:

    They list an address out of 505 Park Ave New York but their phone number is shared with a marijuana store claiming to be in San Diego.

    After emailing the guy he seems to have no idea what I am trying to talk to him about.

    The website is bad and their facebook page is suspicious.
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    I agree, there seems to be something strange with their address; smack center in NYC and selling these items. Perhaps they have a warehouse in a free state, but their website looks legit. Ummm...I'd pass.

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    I would pass. The address lacks the suite # after the building address.

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    I have a few of those red followers if you are interested. PM me.

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    The grammar on the website is very strange. Makes me think its fake based on that alone.

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