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Thread: USP Elite 45 Does this sound like a scam?

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    I’ve never used Armslist, but if I ever do, there’s no way in hell it will be for anything other than a FTF transaction.
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    That is how I used it to get my P30L, wanted a 45 usp elite to go with my 9mm usp elite, but didnt feel right about this. Then the detectives here confirmed it was a scam.

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    This line here alone would run me off.

    if that cool by you?
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    I'd tell him it's amazing that he has two identical guns with the same serial number and that one sold for $1,225 but his twin brother is only bringing $500.

    Or if you want to cut to the chase just send him the link:

    I had a seller the other day that stated they would only ship when I offered to meet at their FFL's store - uh, no thanks!

    Armslist is more often a scam and if I were to use their site FTF at a gun shop or other public place is the only option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kf4zra View Post
    ... it is on armslist... account was started 2 weeks ago... email address is gmail... he will only ship, and did not answer what city... wants $500 for this used one... was listed on 7/4/20.
    Which part passes the sniff test?
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    I've bought off the auction sights a couple times without problems but the 'I can only ship' offer smells.
    Here in CA there are no legal private party transfers that don't go through a dealer.

    Most sellers would rather save the shipping and are willing to do FTF transfer.

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    If it sounds too good to be true it usually is a scam. I have used Armslist before but only meet in person. If they do not want to do that then pass on the deal.

    If you can get a USP Elite 45 for around 900 then buy it. Don't mess around as who knows what will happen with the election and if HK makes anymore. If they end up like the USP Elite 9 not being produced then you will kick yourself for not buying one at $900.
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    You can also Google the seller's email because some scammers use the same email over and over saved me from an MR556 scam online.
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