WTB: H&K MP7 Ammo Variants
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Thread: WTB: H&K MP7 Ammo Variants

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    Default WTB: H&K MP7 Ammo Variants

    I'm looking for any of the oddball ammo. At least in one box quantities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecprevatte View Post
    I'm looking for any of the oddball ammo. At least in one box quantities.

    I've got some pretty darn oddball / hard to find MP7 ammo - Hornady made a custom run of barrier-blind 4.6 for the first Navy users of the MP7. I don't think it was ever cataloged or advertised. Just went straight to the unit. I sold or shot all the rest, but kept a few boxes of this.
    I've also got a bunch of the original, RO marked, Royal Ordnance/HK 4.6 ammo from when the gun was first introduced in the States and HK's sales force got this ammo to demo it with.
    And, yes, the real star of the show here is probably that real HK 4.6 green ammo can. :)

    I think you already got some of my Hornady, but PM me if there's anything of interest there.


    Extra weirdness bonus just for funsies: a blueprint of the MP7 barrel sent to me from a HK Germany engineer.
    WTB: H&K MP7 Ammo Variants-img_0633.jpgWTB: H&K MP7 Ammo Variants-img_0632.jpgWTB: H&K MP7 Ammo Variants-img_0629.jpgWTB: H&K MP7 Ammo Variants-img_0628.jpgWTB: H&K MP7 Ammo Variants-img_0631.jpgWTB: H&K MP7 Ammo Variants-img_0630.jpg
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    @straightgrain may still have some version!!!


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