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Thread: Wayne Weber was asked a question. You will be interested in the response.

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    New guy dumb question...wouldn't it be possible to take a MR762, replace the buffer tube and stock, Cerakote the upper and lower receiver in RAL8000, replace the pistol grip in the RAL8000 version, etc. and pretty much you'd have your own M110A1? I understand that Geissele is not producing the rail on display at SHOT for mortals like us. I suppose one could also acquire the suppressor on display as well. So, given all that, at the end of the day, wouldn't that be a pretty darn identical copy of the M110A1 that HK was showing off at SHOT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montrala View Post
    Taking in mind that M110A1 (this is correct designation) is in fact militarized MR308A3 it really makes perfect sense.
    You are correct sir, I was quoting the gentleman in the video. Perhaps he dropped off the "SASS" of CSASS.

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    Civilian M110C please!

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    The release of the SP5k gives me new hope in HK finally releasing the good stuff.

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