HK Dealers near Knoxville TN?
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Thread: HK Dealers near Knoxville TN?

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    Default HK Dealers near Knoxville TN?

    The title says it all. What stores in the Knoxville area carry HKs?

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    Default HK Dealers in Knoxville

    Coal Creek Armory off from Lovell Road exit is an HK dealer.
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    The folks at Coal Creek are good to deal with, they have always treated me well.
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    Coal Creek is OK. As with most gun stores, alot of the staff think they are Gods and you can't possibly know anything. I'm not so sure, highly doubt, that they are an "HK Dealer". They don't have anywhere near the inventory you have to purchase to get from HK. They might have a couple of USPs and 45s,and are darned proud of them. Last time I was there they had a few NFAs. What are you looking for?
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    Default hey peeps

    Go to Tennessee Gun Owners Forum. Alot of good people there and lots of info. Also sign up if you are in Tennessee.

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    dont deal with these douches, over priced and completely incompetent. Had a class 3 go to them, they lost all my paper work and neglected to tell me about it. So basically i call them they say "oh yeah everythings looking good, just waitin to hear back from NFA" call NFA they say they've never heard of me, call back to coal creek and then they fess up to how f*cked up they are but do nothing to make it right, I have to refingerpring, have sheriff re sign everything, new passport photos everything, no one wanted to take responsibility for their worthless employees. and that fat ass behind the counter had the worst attitude towards everything. "hey everybody does this pistol on my hip that everyone can see make me look fat or is it the blubber stretching through my shirt? man im so cool" sorry im rambling but damn i cant tell you enough about how they suck.

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    I would stay away from Coal Creek. A few years ago they had a used USP Compact 45 Anniversary edition listed on Gunbroker. I was in the area so I stopped by the shop to see the weapon. It had no bids before I want to the store. I looked at the pistol and the condition was good but not excellent. I tried to haggle on the price and made an offer. The guy said he could not do much, and then he went to speak to someone in the back. He came back and told me the pistol had been sold on Gunbroker.

    I said ok and left. So a few hours later I get home and look at pistol on Gunbroker again. It was still listed for sale with no bids, not sold. Just tell me you can’t do anything on the price, I’m fine with that. Just don’t lie to me, because if you lie once, you will do it again on who knows what. Overall not impressed with the friendliness of the people and they are nowhere near the professionalism of say Guns & Leather. I won’t be back……

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    Just in case anyone in the Knoxville area is interested. I was at the Buds Gun Shop in Sevierville last week and they had USPc 9mm magazines for $24.99 in the discount bin at the front of the shop.

    I also saw some PTR mp5 clones and some ETS mp5 mags there.

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