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Thread: Notes from the MP7A1 Armorer Course

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    well done....I am gonna hit some garage sales this weekend and see if I can pick one up cheap!!!!!! Fun to see, thanks

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    Excellent information as always, Thank You!

    I have the privilege of being able to shoot one of these at the last HkProfest in Vegas in 2008, really cool. Should that even ever happen again, and I would be fortunate enough to attend, I'd spend a lot more time on the MP7.

    Alas, I am relegated to a mere airsoft MP7

    Thanks James!

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    Do you know if the MP7A1 UTM is considered a "firearm" or not? If it's not convertible back to a weapon, maybe some civi's can find a way to get their hands on them! Haha

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    Excellent post. Thanks for sharing, James!
    - CPshooter

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    Thanks for the very detailed and informative write up. I always look forward to seeing your posts James. You are a wealth of knowledge and an asset to this site. As another member stated I to love the clear cut out training weapons. For someone that ISN'T mechanically inclined those help tremendously in understanding the workings especially when someone as yourself explains it along with a visual.
    I was kinda taken back that only 5 were imported and shocked that 4 went to movie production. I think I remember Jeff saying a while back in a thread that he had 1 or 2 post-ies? Must be nice to play with the cool toys!

    And always thanks James for your time, knowledge and most importantly your service.

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    James, Great review! Will you be owning a MP7 anytime soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dezski24 View Post
    James, Great review! Will you be owning a MP7 anytime soon?
    Thanks to all for the comments. As always, I'm happy to share the HK knowledge.
    I sure hope the opportunity to own one becomes available to me, but surprisingly, they frowned on my suggestion that the RAL 8000 MP7A1 be included in my goodie bag at the conclusion of the course.


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    Great piece James! Thanks for sharing!

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    As if we needed even more unicorns for our respective corrals. ...Sigh...

    Still very cool to see and thanks for the write up! Definitely something most of us have not seen before!
    one word...Thundercougarfalconbird

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    Thank you for posting that. Not a lot of information on the MP7 is available to us lowly civilians.
    In a perfect world I'd be allowed to buy one of those much like I buy anything else.

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