Teufelshund Tactical Introduction: The Marines Have Landed!
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Thread: Teufelshund Tactical Introduction: The Marines Have Landed!

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    Teufelshund Tactical
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    Default Teufelshund Tactical Introduction: The Marines Have Landed!

    First of all, thank you all for the warm welcome. Beyond this addition within the Supporting Vendor section, I have also created a website for my new business and a Facebook page. Feel free to contact me via PM here or through the website if you have any questions or for project requests.

    So, who am I and what is Teufelshund Tactical?

    I am a retired Marine Corps Officer and Heckler and Koch Certified Armorer (across the entire commercial and military/LE product line) as well as a Heckler and Koch Pistol, Sub-Machinegun and Rifle Instructor.

    Teufelshund Tactical is my company that I began in 2015 It has grown out of passion for the Heckler and Koch brand, a relentless desire for knowledge and skill and a goal of enabling HK owners and future owners to better appreciate and get the most out of their weapons.

    A HK fanatic from an early age, over the years, my drive for knowledge has led me to a steady progression of completing HK Armorer Courses and Firearms Training. Selfishly, this was initially done to allow me to independently support my own HK addiction. I wanted to learn from those experts to not only become more proficient with my own HK weapons, but to be able to ensure that I would be able to maintain them and pass them down to my children and future grandchildren.

    This began with a favoritism for the legacy HK weapons, those that are no longer offered for sale by HK, and some which are no longer supported by them for parts or service. In this effort, I began to see that the resident knowledge on the design, history and even maintenance was rapidly disappearing within and outside that company; a realization that just encouraged my drive to learn and become more proficient. This knowledge progression has continued on through the current production line of HK weapons.

    With this knowledge, came an urge and capability to help members here with solving their own firearms problems, making decisions towards firearms purchases and just learning more about the weapons they enjoy. That branched out into helping friends with repair work and finally taking the step to acquire my own business and federal firearms license to be able to offer this support at a much higher level.

    My mission is to provide superior Heckler and Koch Armorer services, knowledge sharing and support as well as limited firearms sales and training in order to best enhance Heckler and Koch ownership.

    Let me make it clear, there are some great HK service providers out there, least of which is Heckler and Koch’s own Customer Support or Repair shop. Instead of being viewed as competition, I would like to think of myself as an additional asset, a “force multiplier” as we would say in the Marine Corps. There may be HK weapons that you have and need support with that no other company is prepared to support and I'd like to help fill that void.

    On a day to day basis, my most common work for customers remains with the legacy HK weapons, the HK4, P7 and P9 series, as well as changing sights, performing LEM or match trigger conversions on the current production weapons. I also receive quite a few long guns and trigger groups for cleaning, repair or reassembly, as well as LE refurbishment support. Though having the weapon or component on my workbench is always the best approach, I will still remain available to provide remedy support from a distance though this site.

    Of course, I have all of you to thank for the position I am now in. What I do, I do because I truly enjoy the opportunity to service these outstanding firearms and provide support to all of you. Therefore, I will keep my costs low and my quality high. The small profit I do make, I will continue to invest directly back into my company in order to acquire the additional training, tooling and support to become even more proficient.

    A major benefit in my eyes, is that though most people view this kind of endeavor as “work”, I believe that if you truly enjoy what you’re doing, then it really isn’t “work” after all. Most days you’ll find me sitting at my workbench, either completing a customer project or just keeping my own skills sharp.

    If you choose to trust me with your HK weapons, you can rest assured, you will receive the professional service and unyielding attention to detail that you would expect from both a Heckler and Koch Certified Armorer and a Marine Corps Officer. Beyond upholding these standards, I also strive to have my projects turned around as quickly as possible; the majority returned the following business day.

    Finally, each year, I offer a small number of firearms courses, again with a focus both on HK specific weapons and reasonable cost. My training programs are, at its core, based on adaptability. In short, I can tailor training specifically focused on individual needs and capability requirements. Each course is also designed to produce rapid skill progression through creative instruction and drills, which stack each skill on top of the next while providing immediate and positive feedback. Keep an eye on the training page of my website for updated course information.

    So, there it is and here I am. It is truly a pleasure for me to offer this support to all of you. I look forward to these future endeavors and the opportunities they will present.
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    Heckler and Koch Certified Armorer (Heckler and Koch)
    Heckler and Koch Pistol, Submachine Gun and Rifle Instructor (Singleton International)

    Owner, Teufelshund Tactical

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    Anyone that uses that many Q-Tips is a Winner in my book!
    Good luck with your endeavors and I look forward to doing business with you James.

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    Gets the Shakes if No HK Contact in 24 Hour Period
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    Congrats on the new business Marine! I appreciate your passion for the HK product line and respect your ambition to learn more and perfect your skill set. I'm relatively new here but am heavily vested in HK pistols now and am always eager to learn more about them. I'll keep you in mind for future armorer work or advice. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.

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    Congrats and good luck James!
    But you need to organize your work space. ;)

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    Congrats and best wishes on the new supporting vendor endeavor. My slide will be on it's way to you after the holidays.

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    Congrats James! I'll be using you for some Heine sight installs in the not too distant future.

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    Awesome, congrats!

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    Congrats again. That stand you are using in the last picture is going on my must find list! That looks incredibly handy! Thanks for being such of supportive force for this community
    one word...Thundercougarfalconbird

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    Hooyah sir. Will be in touch with a order for your services.

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    Congrats and may business be booming.
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal that made good under pressure!

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