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Thread: Announcement of new career position

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    Congrats James! Does this mean your moving back to the east coast?
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    Congratulations James! Enjoy a successful career with Zenith!

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    That's beautiful country over there . I used to take a short cut going up from Lunchbag, VA. ( 29 N. ) heading up to Waynesboro ( Rt. 6 to US 64) . There's some good white licker up in them parts too
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    Thanks, everyone. Yes, I'll be making the move to Virginia in a couple of months and working remotely and with short trips until then.


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    Awesome news! Congrats, been mourning the disappearrance of the zqi 7.62 ammo I used to get from Walmart on sale. Made good fodder for the toys.

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    Exciting news James. Any news on the Z5 ?

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    Congrats James, best of luck to you, and glad to have you back East.

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    Dilly Dilly! I hope it comes with a big raise, you deserve it. Definitely sad to see you go back east before I even got down there to train. I guess I can't avoid airplanes forever...
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    Congrats, now work on getting Zenith to get HK53's to market!

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    Just found out that I volunteered to take you out for crab cakes when you get back East and resettled in the Mid-Atlantic.

    Can’t wait!

    Thanks @omega21 ;-)
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