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Thread: Announcement of new career position

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine0303 View Post
    Thanks, everyone. Yes, I'll be making the move to Virginia in a couple of months and working remotely and with short trips until then.
    Couldn't handle the desert Southwest, huh.

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    Congratulations ! One more reason for me to check out a Zenith rifle

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    This is great news for the community as a whole. I cannot think of a better person to advance their brand and reputation.

    Congratulations to you and your family on this awesome news!

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    Hell yes! congrats!!

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    Congratulations and best of luck in the new position, James!
    "In your work space!"

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    Congrats James!

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    Congrats James

    One caveat (same one I gave to my wife on her last promotion) - BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR, YOU MIGHT GET IT.

    Get used to meetings... LOTS of meetings - meeting rooms, staff rooms, private offices, lunch room, while you are walking out to the parking lot and on and on and on... and more travel than you are doing now...

    It's a vitalizing experience and I'll bet you will love it. And be really good at it as well, given your attention to detail.

    my best
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    Absolutely fantastic news James. The American roller lock
    Market Will truly benefit from your knowledge and expertise!
    Zenith Inc is lucky to have you on board!

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    Congratulations James!

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    @Marine0303 With you on the team I am expecting great things from Zenith! Now get to work on the belt feds!
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