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    Quote Originally Posted by Superstar View Post
    @MrThrower , when you say interactive, does it mean it pops up back after hitting the target or do you mean that its a moving target?
    Hanging steele plates of differant sizes, shapes and distances. Pistol range starts at 15 yards goes out to 35. Since there are no paper targets you're free to move to any open bay. Very nice shop and facilities when I was there on Saturday 2 weeks ago staff was very pleasant and friendly. Check their web site for pricing = very resonable
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    As you are in SA, take a look at these two posts - same event - just a bit north of you



    I got sick and missed the one on July 15 , 17 - but get in touch with caf82313 and tell him you are interested. I'm doing everything I can to make the next one.
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