Any Dallas Pro Members interested in testing a new HK platform accy. & review?
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Thread: Any Dallas Pro Members interested in testing a new HK platform accy. & review?

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    Default Any Dallas Pro Members interested in testing a new HK platform accy. & review?

    some time between June 10th through the 14th i will be demoing a new accessory for an MP5 and HK33 and could use some additional input on it before moving forward with its design. i will provide an exact date once i find out how much interest there is. you will get to shoot my ammo on a full auto mp5 and hk33.

    the range is going to be the Frisco Gun club, you will need to sign a basic non disclosure agreement and spend about an hr after shooting to provide some feed back. looking for about 3 to 5 people, right now all plans are not set in stone until i find out if anyone can commit to attend.

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    And go to HARD EIGHT after you are done? I understand that there is a new Hard Eight very close to The Frisco Gun Club.

    I looked into it. But have not had the time to get any kind of HK shoot moving forward. IT'S MY FAULT. I have been tied up with a lot of family business of late.
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    I live a couple hours east of Dallas and would love to attend.

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    Hey Paul. I live over in Fort Worth and would enjoy demoing whatever accessory you've got. Any type of person you're particularly looking for to test this? I'm not a competitive shooter or target shooter or anything. I just enjoy HK designs and putting holes in paper. If you're looking for a precision shooter I am not your man, but I am a proficient tinkerer and I always love a chance to give constructive feedback.

    I own a clone MP5K(reverse stretch) and a clone HK33K so I'm familiar with the guns, but I have not shot either in full auto before, so that would be new for me.

    Also it's worth asking: would there be any costs we need to be aware of? Range fee, ammo, etc?
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    We welcome all shooters and roller-lock lovers of all experience levels. Whether you just love the platform or use it on a daily basis, we would love to hear what you think about our new platform and accessories. We have been 2 years in development and thus far nearly all of our industry partners have stated, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    Our focus has been on the civilian market but we’ve recently had some forays into military/law enforcement. Anyone who runs an MP5 or 33 would likely find this a most interesting event to attend.

    During the shoot our heaviest emphasis will be on our 9mm platform with the “fun switch” installed. Depending upon the date we may have an additional platform that is NOT chambered in 9mm, 223, or 308. And we may have a suppressor that you’d love to tear apart and see how it works.

    We will take care of the range fees as well as provide the ammunition. The Frisco Gun Club is an indoor facility so this will occur rain or shine.

    Although we don’t intend to make this the “DFW HKPro Shoot”, it will serve as a good foundation. With the warmer weather here and our great location in northern Texas, I’m certain we can find a few good outdoor ranges to extend the trigger time in the future.

    The more feedback we get the better for us to be certain what we are cooking up is going to be THE platform for the roller-lock community!

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    Count me in! I love shooting Guns with SEF (Safe, Economical and Fun) trigger packs.
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    Let me know if I can be of use. I’d like to help if I can, even if it’s just getting some video or “action pictures” to review later.
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    I can commit, let me know.

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