Hk MP5/40 damage
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Thread: Hk MP5/40 damage

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    Default Hk MP5/40 damage

    We wanted to share some heavy damage to an MP5/40 dealer sample that needs some serious repair. They mixed up ammo and slipped a few 9mm rounds though the gun. There are 2 bulges in the barrel and the catastrophic barrel failure. The receiver took a major impact/load to the recoil system. Itís got heavy roller bumps and the rear takedown pin was blown out at well. Be careful on ammo this is not our first one due to incorrect ammo.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Hk MP5/40 damage-1e8ffb36-9410-4cd7-ba1a-e576620636f4.jpeg Hk MP5/40 damage-1c5cd765-a005-4cc5-ba45-99900839c1b0.jpeg Hk MP5/40 damage-272606b2-f801-4b7e-8a7a-9d4114d61c26.jpeg Hk MP5/40 damage-d2984777-dbf5-438d-b937-79d98787e909.jpeg

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    Holy crap!!! I hope no one was hurt! How was the 9mm round able to fire in the 40??? Just held onto the bolt head by the extractor?
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    Iíd say that was caused by a bullet stuck in the barrel (squib round). Iíve witnessed more than one 9mm being shot out of a .40 pistol (whole other story there) and all projectiles exited the barrel with the only malfunction being that the firearm didnít cycle and the brass got super expanded. I guess a 9mm projectile could get stuck in a longer carbine barrel but Iím leaning more toward a squib round. And I donít think you can drop a 9mm round down a .40 barrel either. (Not trying to be argumentative and I donít doubt what TPM has stated and am glad they have posted this).
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    Thatís going to be one expensive repair to make....
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    Damn, I bet that sure stung the hand of whomever was shooting it, hope they didn't get hurt.

    I would mount that barrel on a wooden plaque and hang it over the firing line or loading area, as a solid visual reminder to be careful.

    I have been present several different times when people shot 9mm in 40 cal guns, and I will be honest in saying it generally took the people firing several rounds and doing malfunction drills, before it dawned on me or them that something was wrong and not sounding right. I can see how it happens and gets to this point.

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    Was the a range rental perchance?
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    Either way I dread that repair bill.

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