That is a unique gun for sure... as I get older i find myself collecting more than I can shoot - hope my kids have fun with the keepers and the pistol/sbr versions...!

If your friend has any extra .40's or 10's they would like to get rid of my bank account is positive and interested. I have an 07/02.


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My rainbow unicorn even though its not the best rifle hk ever made (but its way cool) is the G41K and I will have one day I can assure you.

I love the 40, its a great shooter and cheaper, easier to find ammo for than 10mm, and it's not nearly as picky ammo wise as the 10mm and LP wise.
You will find that HK people love rare stuff and the 10mm is rarer than the 40 for sure but its not what people make it out to be IMHO.

I know a collector who has one of the few Capitol Ord SBRs in 10mm that were made by Marion.
I also know a ffl/SOT who has both the 40 and 10mm factory guns who will be giving them up on a no law letter basis and I am trying to lockup those guns.

I have a clone 40 SBR which I love to shoot and is going to become a 40 SD soon.
I also have one of the few sister guns of the Capitol Ord SBR in 40 which I acquired recently and is waiting to clear NFA jail.