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Thread: TPM Bad Experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by ybnqskp View Post
    Call Jeff at PCS. Get it fixed , sell it and buy a MKE or SP5K. I had a clone K model built before MKE or HK started building them. It costs more to build one than buy one today. I will say I own a TPM MP5SD suppressor that I am 100% satisfied with. Not sure what happened to your build.
    If TPM fails to fix it this go around I may give PCS a call.
    Im not really interested in selling for a MKE.
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    Silencers are one thing, doing builds is another. I also did not have a good experience and did the same thing as another poster. After multiple emails and phones messages I got 1 call back that was missed and that was it. Michaels Machines fixed mine up and could not be happier. I gave them 4 months before I gave up on them.
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    I pretty much wrote TPM off when I called them many times over the course of several days this past January.

    No one ever answered the phone.

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    Similar experience.

    Awhile back I contacted them about a build price and ballpark lead time.

    Was told about a price. Never got word on lead times despite asking explicitly afterwards.

    I was ready to write a check, and order an SD afterwards if I was happy. Then a .300blk 53 and 33k.

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    PCS. If Jeff says he will do something, he will do it. If he can't do it, he will tell you. It is no more difficult than that. There may be others who operate like that, but I know from experience that he does.

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    I had to send my SD back to get the sight tabs cut deeper too. My rear sight is crooked too and won’t zero but I finally got a rail attached when they fixed it so I’m not too worried about. I will say that it functions perfectly with or without my sear. It’s an awesome host weapons but cleaning it sucks!

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    I was going to use then late last year/early this year and had difficulty contacting them. I like that they incorporate some of the original markings on their builds. I'm glad that the project was never pursued after reading some of these comments.

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    They still have not called me back. I’m giving up and will find someone else for my projects.

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    Not sure what happened in January, but as of the last few weeks, we've increasingly more and more restricted to our houses. As of last night, all of Dallas County was told to "shelter in place". I was expecting to go to work today and be told we were going to close for 2 weeks. Thank goodness we're a supplier to "essential infrastructure" businesses like Raytheon, General Mills Foods, and a lot of municipal water supplies, so we can stay open. They're talking about fines and jail time for people that are out in public. Yeah, not even kidding.
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    Many people in the H&K shooting community revere the MP5 series of firearms as the single greatest weapon they have ever owned or fired in their entire shooting career. I certainly do, and that remains unchanged over the last 30 years when at age 13, I first embarked on a life-long love affair with this weapon. I consider myself truly fortunate that I actually got to see "Die Hard" (1988) and Navy SEAL's (1990) in their original theatrical runs, showcasing these amazing weapons.

    There are very, VERY few companies who can be relied upon to custom build these firearms, and even that small number continues to dwindle. Recent cases in point:

    1. Investment Grade Firearms (IGF) is now closed, with the (former) owner facing the threat of both a prison sentence, and a lawsuit from the Arkansas State Attorney General, following an endless backlog of unfinished weapons and kit builds.
    2. Brethren Armament/Brethren Arms is now (presumably) closed, given the removal of their website and Facebook page, and vendor support forum from, following what appeared to be the release of a series of weapons that did not reliably or properly function right out of the box, despite having a $3,000.00 - $4,000.00 price tag.

    The H&K shooting community needs for TPM Outfitters to be successful in building and servicing these iconic firearms. I would hope they would please reach out aggressively to both Hayk and LRM19k, and offer to re-work their builds until they are finally satisfied, or otherwise provide a refund. This does not affect just these two people, it actually impacts us all. And I would hope TPM Outfitters can rise above the adversity, and be better in the end because of it (perhaps use a laser to set/weld the rear sights).
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