WTB: 10 round HK USP 45 full-size magazines.
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Thread: WTB: 10 round HK USP 45 full-size magazines.

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    Default WTB: 10 round HK USP 45 full-size magazines.

    Got what I needed from some nice members here. Please close thread.

    Thank you!
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    I have one, pm me.

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    PM sent
    HK KI MARK 23
    HK KI USP45 Tactical
    HK BG USP9 Tactical
    HK BG 45 Tactical
    HK BG VP9 Tactical
    HK BG VP9
    HK BG P30
    HK BG P30SK
    HK BG SP5K(MP5K-N)
    TPM MP5F
    TPM P5SD
    MM 23E
    MM 23EK
    MM G36C
    MM G36K
    Looking for BG P30L V3 9mm & BG USP 9 Expert

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