WTB: 10 round HK USP 45 full-size magazines.
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Thread: WTB: 10 round HK USP 45 full-size magazines.

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    Default WTB: 10 round HK USP 45 full-size magazines.

    Got what I needed from some nice members here. Please close thread.

    Thank you!
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    I have one, pm me.

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    PM sent
    HK KI MARK 23
    HK KI USP45 Tactical
    HK BG USP9 Tactical
    HK BG 45 Tactical
    HK BG VP9 Tactical
    HK BG P30
    HK BG P30SK
    HK BG SP5K(MP5K-N)
    TPM MP5F
    TPM P5SD
    MM 23E
    MM 23EK
    MM G36C
    MM G36K
    Looking for BG P30L V3 9mm & BG USP 9 Expert

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