WTB: HK91 collapsible stock
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Thread: WTB: HK91 collapsible stock

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    Default WTB: HK91 collapsible stock

    Hello Fellas i just SBR'd my G3k clone and would really like to get it a HK91 collapsable stock if you could help me out .. i know all gun parts are high now but i can't pay crazy prices on one .. please shoot me a picture and price to [email protected]

    My HK Gun List and Clones

    HK SP5 9mm
    HK MR 5.56 A1 16.5 / HK MR 5.56 10.4 HK 416 clone upper
    PTR 91 F
    PTR 9
    PTR G3K
    Century Arms C93
    HK Mark 23
    HK 45 LEM
    HK USP Tactical 9mm
    HK USP Tactical 45
    HK VP9 OD With Longslide kit aswell
    HK VP9SK
    HK 45C OD

    Next up to get
    HK 93
    HK USP CT 45
    HK USP 9
    HK USP 45

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    For sale right here on this forum from a respected member:


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