I’m looking for a good gunsmith that will do the following work on a SBRed POF MP5 pistol.

...I just purchased a new HK factory “FBI” plastic trigger housing with a new HK semi-only ambi selector for my POF MP5. Now, I’m looking for somebody to make the needed modification on the new trigger housing to fit and function properly WITH the original POF semi-only trigger pack.

With that said, I’m looking for somebody to do professional and quality work with the modifications that will be both functional AND visually appealing... I want to avoid having somebody “bubba-rising” the HK parts or the POF MP5, which has been properly AND legally turned into a SBR.

I’m also looking to have the following done at the same time;

A) Have the exterior metal parts cleaned up AND completely refinished to HK factory’s current standards... As much as possible... AND yes, I know it’s a POF, but since I spent the time and money in SBRing her, I want her to look as sexy as possible.

B) If possible, remove some of the “grittiness” within the POF trigger pack AND lighten the trigger pull to 4lbs - 5lbs... And if possible, have the trigger reset shorten somewhat for quicker follow-up/double tap shots. Not looking for a Williams Reset Trigger, which are nice, but I want to basically keep the selector in a safe and fire mode only.

I’ve heard that it’s an easy modification, but with my work schedule, I don’t have the time and since I want the other stuff done as well, it just makes sense to have a professional do the work... I was thinking about having Investment Grade Firearms do the work since they build a really nice G3 clone for a friend about 10 years ago, but now he is being sued for keeping guns, parts AND the money... Plus, he’s probably in prison now.

Anyway!! Thanks for any advice and leads!!