Gunsmith to Troubleshoot MR762
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Thread: Gunsmith to Troubleshoot MR762

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    Default Gunsmith to Troubleshoot MR762

    I've got an MR762 (G28 clone) that suddenly started shooting significantly to one side a while back. I cleaned the rifle, torqued the scope mount & rings, but the POI is still shifted significantly, even with a variety of factory ammo and handloads. As a final step, I tried shooting with irons, but the problem persists. The rifle as a whole hasn't been treated roughly, anywhere near what I would have done while in the Army, but I can't rule out some kind of damage to the barrel/receiver assembly.

    Can anyone recommend a gunsmith who can help me resolve this and get the rifle back to shooting well?

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    Did you get all of the copper out of the bore?

    I havenít fired mine enough to get there but Iíve heard reports of serious copper fouling messing up POI at around 1000-1500 rounds on them.
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    I babied this rifle from the get go, so I'd assume that there isn't any copper fouling. That being said, I've got a borescope and plenty of time on my hands, so it sounds like I need to do an inspection.

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    You can always send it into HK and have them look at give them a call 706-568-1096.

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