Who does great HK Clone trigger work?
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Thread: Who does great HK Clone trigger work?

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    Default Who does great HK Clone trigger work?

    Just got myself a PTR 9CT for Xmas and the trigger on this thing is terrible. It's gotta be over 10+ pounds and it is gritty as hell. This is my first RDB gun and it certainly seems like some trigger work would make this a much better shooter.
    I have done some research but apparently the guy I have found the most doesn't seem to be in business any longer (Bill Springfield?), also found a company called Williams triggers out of IL that does work on 93 clones.

    Hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. I'd like to get it down to 4-6lbs and not feel so gritty. Maybe get rid of a little creep in the process.


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    I just bought a buffer spring from Bill 2 weeks ago. Make sure you go to the correct (current) website: https://triggerwork.net

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    @bspring1 is still in business.

    [email protected]


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