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    Default WTB: mr762

    I’m looking for a MR762, new or used. If it’s used it needs to be in good shape.

    The price has come down on these recently and they are available for $3200 new. So please keep that in mind. I’d be a buyer for a new rifle in that range, used would need to be below that.

    Please message me what you’ve got.

    Thank you!
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    Hello, I have a MR762A1 listed over on arfcom currently. 150 rounds through it. Asking for 3k shipped. Let me know if interested.

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    The price has come down on these recently and they are available for $3200 new.

    Thank you![/QUOTE]

    I have been thinking the same thing but have not seen one that cheap, where have you seen one at that price? I don’t have one to sell you I am just curious as to where to get a new one for that price?
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    If your still interested, please feel free to contact me.

    I have a MR762 with less than 50 rounds. It's been my safe queen since I bought it new from the dealer (I am the original & only owner). It comes with 9 mags (3 still in wrapper), its original manual, carrying case, all original receipts including those for its Geissele trigger and an authentic HK precision handgrip. If you have not found another gun and are interested kindly contact me and I can answer more questions.


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