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    Default WTB: Vp9 2020

    Is anyone else having issues finding one? I placed an order at my LGS about 2.5 weeks ago. They are still waiting to get one in stock from multiple distributors. My optic and mounting plate are all ready in house. Just curious what everyone else is experiencing.

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    Check Cross Creek Guns (Mike, forum sponsor), HK VP9 OR 81000483.

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    Ive seen one at my LGS. Has a BK date code on it which threw me off. It must have been a Dec 2019 production.
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    My LGS has 2 in stock, and that’s behind enemy lines in communist Massachusetts. Like mentioned earlier, Cross Creek Guns is the go-to.

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    I purchased one today at my LGS and paid $699.99. Check out grabagun.com as they have good prices and very fast shipping. By the time I pay my FFL $25 fee to order online and the fact that I cant go over the gun with a fine tooth comb to satisfy my OCD issues it was just easier to buy locally. I usually NEVER buy off the display case, but this one had been put out Saturday - they got three in and I bought the last one they had today. I take a silicone cloth to the LGS and wipe any gun down I am going to purchase and do a thorough inspection - if you don't do this I am jealous. My brain cant just say it is a gun and life goes on lol. My logic is you pay the same price whether it is immaculate or has scratches so I choose the former.

    I have three VP9's all in black now - two regular and one with the optics cut so I should be done with buying VP9's at least. One is my wife's, one for me and one I will put a red dot on.

    Very nice gun - I like the black out rear sights and as luck would have it I noticed a rub/mar on the bottom of the grip that wont come out after I got home but it's mine now and would rather have it on the bottom of the grip than an issue on the metal. The second VP9 I purchased recently has a small mar on the bottom of the grip too, but not as big. Anyone else notice this on theirs? My first VP9 didn't have this, but I wonder if the egg shell foam from the case causes.

    Good luck!

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    I purchased a VP9 today as well for $639 delivered from GunBuyer.com. It was a hard choice because I was ready to pull the trigger on a VP9-B. In my searching I came upon this interesting pic of a safety on a VP9. I would post it but I do not have a high enough post count to show images yet. Also some other facts I picked up recently on the new VP9.

    1. The new 17rd mags are 4yrs tested. Two extra rounds accomplished by shortening the follower. There might be a different spring also but the mag body is unchanged.
    2. 17rd mags are all going to VP9's but will eventually ship with P30's. etc. Mag. will become available separately as well as just the follower and spring to convert 15 rounders. I believe they will eventually take over 15rd mags.
    3. There will be one batch of 2020 VP9's produced later this year with the push button magazine release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CK30 View Post
    My LGS has 2 in stock, and that’s behind enemy lines in communist Massachusetts. Like mentioned earlier, Cross Creek Guns is the go-to.
    +2 on Mike at Cross Creek. I have no affiliation beyond being a very satisfied customer. He'll take care of you.
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