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Thread: Problem with new z5rs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stickman View Post
    Our HK rep says MP5s absolutely will feed hollow points. If MKE has a company stance stating their weapons will NOT feed flat nose or HP ammunition, that is a big deal and I would need to hear that from them. It isn't a matter of people having to be smarter, it is a matter of industry standards, and no modern weapons are being sold with the disclaimer that they won't fire duty/ self defense/ HP ammunition.
    You're correct. It's certainly not a matter of people being smarter, however, people should seek proper education about how a weapon was originally designed. This pertains to ALL roller delayed weapons of this type, not just MKE. And yeah, I'm not surprised to hear an HK rep use such a blanket statement, that's what reps do. Using blanket statements such as these style weapons will feed all hollow points or they won't at all are both incorrect. They may feed some, but were not designed to. I just handled a genuine HK full size MP5 that would not reliably feed 147 gr lawman. Was I surprised? Nope. Did we call HK to complain? Nope. It's expected that not all flat nose rounds or defensive hollow points will function properly and we continued our range day trying other subsonic brands. It's just the nature of the beast. I am by no means an expert on the type but I do have an intimate understanding of how these weapons operate and what they were designed to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyBoi View Post
    If Zenith reads this forum:

    I am about to send another of my new z5rs in for warranty work, some of my concerns are the deep chunks of metal missing out of the finish in numerous spots on the receiver...can something like that actually be fixed? I just ask due to not wanting to drive an hour to ups hub and go though all the motions only to be disappointed in the end, thank you
    Any update ?

    Looking at your pictures i've read that its normal and prefered not to have too much paint inside the receiver for reliable function. Mag wobble is normal in this design to some extent with both HK and clones but not excessive. The brazing and what looks like a crack in the carrier edge is normal and can be seen on HK carriers. The missing metal chunks look like paint chips ?

    Let us know how you made out with your issues.
    Will be shipping it out tomorrow most likely, I have been EXTREMELY busy these last few weeks and haven't had time to drive to the hub to ship...I see that zenith is now inspecting weapons before shipping them out, wish they had done that with the previous batch. My main concern are the deep gashes and chunks of metal missing out of the outer receiver...I want my new gun to look new. A "worked on" new gun is no longer new imo.

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