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    Zenith when can I expect to receive my tactical bag for my Z-5rs classic package I purchased over three months ago, received acknowledgment that you owed me the tactical case two months ago, but nothing but radio silence since. I understand backorder, but 2 months on a bag.

    Received notice from Zenith that they are shipping my tactical bag today, I do love my Z-5 and it will now have a nice case. I highly recommend the Z-5 for anyone wanting a mp5.
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    How did you contact zenith? email phone forums? I have a z5rs that I purchased in August or so.. Same note and as of today 4-8-20. I still have no bag.

    Glad yours was taken care of. Maybe mine will one day.

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    I called Zenith last week monday and they have it in stock, i just received mine today

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    Zenith released there batches already??? I’ve been on the waiting list over a year now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorxes85 View Post
    Zenith released there batches already??? I’ve been on the waiting list over a year now
    You're waiting for a tactical bag?

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