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    Default Z33 rifle

    So around the beginning of the year I heard that there were plans to bring in an HK93 clone, are there any updates on when we can expect those or is it still up in the air?

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    I’m obsessed with my stamped z5rs, and all I want is for these guys to bring back the z43p - even though it’s confirmed to never happen again. A z33 would be a nice bandaid for said wounds.

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    Take what Zenith has to say with a grain of salt. Great company, importer, and builder. MKE is also an exceptional manufacturer. The difficulty is import scheduling and Zenith having the confidence and capital to bring a $1500 5.56 roller delay in a market saturated with ultra-reliable $500 5.56 ARs.

    Folks like you and I would eat a Z33 up in no time. I'm sure most in this forum would! But the general masses would be blissfully unaware.
    I've heard this argument from folks at PTR as well.

    Here's hoping!

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