As many of you know, Zenith is up against some serious tyranny in Virginia. This is a consequence of the indoctrination of generations of Virginia residents from childhood into beliefs that beget evil and injustice. To highlight one such belief for our purposes here today, residents who hold to a contradiction of our individual right to keep and bear arms apparently now outnumber the rest of us, and in January they’ll send enough representatives to Richmond to attempt through legislation to hammer us into the form of tightly controlled subjects of immoral soft dictators and their henchmen.

But we’re fighting back, and we’re going to make sure the tyrants know where we stand. Some of us on staff here have already spoken, or are planning to speak, at the public meetings of our respective county boards of supervisors, to urge them to resist Richmond and refuse to enforce the unconstitutional fake laws that await us in 2020.

And then we put our new “Awesome T-shirt” online for sale. In addition to helping us keep the lights on until more of our guns arrive, we hope these T-shirts will help our friends nationwide to censure tyrants more severely and regularly, as well as to start more conversations aimed at winning the hearts and minds of their confused neighbors. But today we want to make our offer more enticing, and we give 100% credit to Chris Snyder for suggesting the great idea that we give a portion of our profits from the sale of these shirts to an organization that’s working full time to combat the malicious agenda that’s being vomited from our General Assembly and Governor’s Mansion.

Help Zenith and the VCDL Fight Tyranny and get an Awesome T-shirt-danielle.jpg