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    Default Refurbished Demo Guns For Sale

    We have several demo guns that our armory is refurbishing at the moment. They will be sold for 10% off regular price. If you are interested in any of these guns call us at 434.202.7790 between 9am and 5pm eastern.
    If it is after hours you can email your information to us at [email protected] and we will call you in the morning.

    QTY — 4 — Zenith Z-5RS SB Rail (no bag included) — MKZ5RSFBM9B2 - $1961.10
    QTY — 1 — Zenith Z-5P SB Rail (with bag) — MKZ5P0FBR9BK - $1989.00
    QTY — 2 — Zenith Z-5P SB Classic (with bag) — MKZ5P0FBS9BK - $1912.50
    QTY — 1 — Zenith Z-43P SB Rail (with bag) - MKZ43PFBR5BK - 1912.50
    QTY — 2 — Zenith Z-5RS A2 SBR — MKZ5RSA2T9BK - $2000.70

    • The gunsmiths have completely refurbished these guns to like new condition. That means that they are blasted, parkerized, and painted with HK Black DuraCoat SL. If any normal wear items needed to be replaced, that was done during the refurbishment (new extractor spring, guide rod assembly, etc.)
    • Each firearm will have been test fired before shipping to the customer.
    • Each firearm will include all standard accessories that are normally present from MKE, or from us with a specific assembly.
    • Each firearm will include the standard warranty to the original owner.
    • We cannot tell a customer whether the firearm that they receive has been fired, but see #1.
    • Magazines that are present with each firearm may show signs of wear from insertion, but they will have been cleaned and inspected for proper function.
    • The lead time for us to refurbish these should be a few days after the date of order, but we’re going to complete them as quickly as possible. SBR transfer times may be longer as we wait for the ATF to approve the transfer to the customer’s local FFL.
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    Are any of the Z-5P’s available?

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