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The HK94
American Version of the MP5
Cal. 9mm x 19 NATO



The HK94 is the carbine version of the famous MP5 submachine gun.  In America in the 1980s, the high selling guns were semiautomatic knock offs of select-fire weapons.  The HK94 had one major drawback though, the long proboscis of a barrel necessitated by U.S. federal law.  The law requires that any weapon fired from the shoulder have at least a 16 inch barrel or be subject to the provisions of the National Firearms Act.  There were aftermarket accessories available to minimize the stark look of the long barrel, most preferring the 'SD' barrel shroud, that mimicked the look of the MP5SD.

The HK94 now commands the highest prices of the 90 series American imports.  Primarily used as the vehicle to convert with registered sears the gun to an MP5, prices now average above $3500 for either stocked version.  Even with the drying up of the supply of sears, the price has not dropped.


Caliber Cyclic Rate Mag Capacity Mode of Fire Width (in/mm) Height (in/mm) Weight (lb/kg) bbl. length (in/mm) Overall
Length (in/mm)
9mm x 19 NA 15/30/40 Semi 2.28 8.26 6.43 16.54 34.59
9mm x 19 NA 15/30/40 Semi 58 210 2.9 420 879


In what is incorrectly captioned in the book that this photo came from, this gun is an HK94.  Look closely.  The barrel has been professionally shortened, as this agency probably does not believe in full auto for their team.  Can you spot the telltale signs of the 94?  No lugs on the barrel, no flipper magazine release, the 0-1 trigger group, the metal non-pushpin housing with the characteristic shelf where the front pushpin goes.  Note the stylistic position of the left hand.


The HK94A2, above, and the retractable stock HK94A3 below.


This can bring a tear to your eye.  It is a dealer flyer from 1983, and check out the dealer cost of the newly introduced HK94--A whopping $520 for the fixed and $576 for the retractable stock 94.   This ad also shows that HK was a fledgling new company still at their first location, Arlington, VA.  They would later move to Chantilly, and finally to their present location, Sterling, VA.

Optional barrel shroud to help with the long barrel appearance of the HK94.  Vertical foregrip attached to this forend.


Very rare HK94SG1 in badly retouched photo to remove center crease.  This is from a 1986 catalog and has one of the only decent photos of the 94SG1, an American idea to market the 94 as a 9mm sniper rifle, an idea that never really caught on.  Marketed with claw lock scope mount, factory zeroed Leupold 6X scope, HK93A2 stock with adjustable cheekpiece, Harris bipod and flash suppressor, this gun was not marketed with the PSG1 trigger group, which could have been installed with only a change of the ejector and hammer spring.  By 1986, most all HK imports were coming in with the black finish rather than the earlier grey.


HKPRO Exclusive:  American Importation Data for the HK94

1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991
1 4010 500 4000 4100 1410 1192 0 0 420

Total HK94 Imports from Germany:  15,633

(The 420 units in 1991 were imported for law enforcement, primarily to the California Department of Corrections.)