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G41 Series

The HK G41
NATO Contender, Now Out Of Production.
Cal. 5.56 x 45

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The HK G41.  Truly a great rifle, and an excellent attempt on the part of Heckler & Koch to produce the next generation of military rifle for Germany, but it was not to be.  The engineers took the best of all NATO standards for a battle rifle, and incorporated them into the G41.  Features such as 1:7 twist rifling for the stabilization of the NATO standard SS109 62 grain projectile, a forward assist, a carrying handle, a bolt that locked open on the last round fired, and in the most overt desire to win over the M16 users, the ability of the rifle to accept actual M16 magazines.

Only available with a three round burst trigger group, (in HK vernacular a three round burst group is also capable of full automatic fire.  (See page on trigger groups)  The gun was to be everything an M16 lover wanted, but in a more robust package, featuring the time tested roller locking design.

I suspect the one thing that killed the G41 more than any other factor was price.  Where the M16 could be procured world wide for a song, the G41 was being priced in the U.S. at $1700.00 per copy for law enforcement.   That would buy more than a few M16s.  Though heavier, the G41 is a truly great rifle, capable of anything the M16 series is.   As most know by now, the G41 was cancelled, and the HK50, better known as the G36 was adopted as the new Bundeswehr service rifle for the foreseeable future.

Somewhat rare for collectors, there are reportedly only three Pre 1986 dealer samples of the gun in the United States, and one is being touted as the only pre 86 dealer sample on a Florida tactical website, and priced at more than $10,000.

There are two main variants of the G41:  The G41 rifle and G41K carbine.  The only difference is barrel length, 450 mm v. 380 mm.  (17.72 in. v. 14.96 in.)  Both were available with either fixed or retractable stocks.  A third but not true variant was the G41TGS, which added an HK79 forearm mounted 40mm grenade launcher.

Caliber Cyclic Rate Mag Capacity Modes of Fire Width (in/mm) Height (in/mm) Weight (lb/kg) bbl. length (in/mm) Overall
Length (in.mm)
5.56 x 45 850 20/30 S/3/F 2.83 8.43 9.70 17.72/14.96(K) 39.25
5.56 x 45 850 20/30 S/3/F 79 214 4.4 450/380 997


g41bayo.jpg (32355 bytes) G41A2 with fixed bayonet, sling, and 4 power scope.  As is the case with the HK21and 23 series, and MSG90 sniper rifle, the G41 has the newer scope mount from HK.  The three round burst group does not have a front pushpin, like most HK select fire weapons, and is like the 21 and 23 series in that respect.


g41rt.jpg (46148 bytes)
Close up of forward assist, ejection port cover, carrying handle, M16 magazine, and unique way the front of the G41 trigger group fits into the receiver.  This is not to be confused with the attachment point for HK90 series firearms.  They are not the same.


g41kwoods.jpg (16456 bytes) Here and below, our friend Herr Günter Schäfer takes aim against imaginary enemies in HK G41 promotional literature. The rifle to the left is the G41KA3, and below is the G41A2.
This photograph also appears in black and white on the back cover of Duncan Long's book, "HK Assault Rifle Systems." g41woods.jpg (34141 bytes)


g41tgs.jpg (24247 bytes)
The G41TGS with add on ladder grenade sight.  The HK79 is covered in greater detail on the HK79 page.   It is fired by pushing the button on the left side, visible directly under the cocking handle.


g4179rt.jpg (36224 bytes) G41TGS with different sighting system from the simpler ladder sight shown above.  Notice the upper and lower pushpins on the rear of the G41, a departure from the lower only rear pushpins of most roller locked HKs, with the exception of the MP5K series.