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AG36 (Underbarrel Grenade Launcher)


The AG36
Cal. 40mm x 46


Spanish soldier with Spanish made G36 and AG36 grenade launcher

The AG36 rifle mounted grenade launcher is the latest addition to the G36 rifle system.  This launcher is to the G36 series what the very heavy HK79 is to the G3/HK33/G41 to form the TGS or Tactical Group System as HK named the combination.  Like the G36, polymer is used along with high strength aluminum for light weight.  The AG36 fires most all 40mm x 46 low impulse projectiles from less lethal foam rounds to High Explosive "say goodnight" rounds.

AG is an abbreviation for Anbaugranatwerfer (ahn-bow graNAHT verfur) German for "attached grenade launcher"  AG36 flows naturally with the addition of 36 at the end for the primary weapon it is designed to enhance.  The photo at right was the first ever on the Internet of the then prototype unit.  I immodestly called it a 'World Exclusive' at the time.  It makes the G36K a serious total package.

The AG36 swings out laterally for loading, and this facilitates many different sizes of rounds for whatever purpose is appropriate at the time.  A separate pistol grip and safe/fire system are present as well.  Sales literature says that the AG36 can also be mounted to the M16 and Diemaco C7 and C8 assault rifles. (Canadian M16A2 and CAR).

CaliberCyclic Rate CapacityModes of FireWeight (lb.)Width (in.)bbl. length (in.)Overall
Length (in.)
40mm x 46NA1S/F3.303.5011 13.90